Bursaries 2019

R&R is committed to annually providing bursaries / scholarships for the education of previously disadvantaged learners with special educational needs; thus contributing to the national narrative aimed at improving the available technical skills pool.

Currently there are no laws in place that compel youth from the age of 15 years to continue their education. This means that often children are taken out of school by their parents / caregivers and sent out to find work. Sadly, given that these learners are already faced with intellectual disabilities and cognitive impediments, they will likely not attain meaningful employment.

In 2019, R&R have funded 4 students at De Grendel School, Milnerton, Western Cape, including their school fees and hostel fees. This bursary allows learners to live in a supportive environment and ensures that they are able to concentrate fully on their schooling without worrying about their day-to-day expenses.

Since 1974, De Grendel School has played an indispensable part in preparing learners for ‘different’ careers. Apart from the academic learning areas, much emphasis is placed on technical subjects and skills which open many doors to the working world; doors which otherwise would not be open to people with intellectual disabilities. Some technical skills taught are Welding, Panel Beating & Spray Painting, Woodwork, Food Production, Hairdressing and Typing.


Letter of thanks